a proactive approach to business

Suzanne W. Green Law is dedicated exclusively to the fields of Family Law, Trusts & Estates, and Business Transactions

Covering multiple interests and industries, business law involves what is typically considered one of the most complicated bodies of litigation. At Suzanne W. Green Law we have cultivated a reputation as a dynamic civil law firm with a wide range of knowledge not only in Business Law, but in Family Law, and Trust & Estates. Because our practice is dedicated to these three areas we are able to provide efficient, well-informed and coordinated advice to our clients for transactions including:

Our Versatile Skills and Experience Get Results 

The attorneys at Suzanne W. Green Law have proven expertise in wide-ranging business transactions and civil disputes. Our attorneys possess a unique perspective and ability to provide guidance to protect your business against litigation while coordinating with family wealth and succession planning. We recognize that business owners have to address unique challenges in planning for growth, death, retirement, and divorce.

Our legal team works tirelessly to protect your best interests. Without a proactive approach to business, you risk exposing your hard work and investment to time-consuming and costly legal disputes. By consulting with a knowledgeable attorney in the early stages of your business, you may be able to avoid litigation by safeguarding yourself against legal challenges. When disputes do occur, we can seek out-of-court resolution by demonstrating the strength of your legal position and attempting to negotiate or mediate with the opposing party.  However, in the event that dispute resolution fails, we will not hesitate to take your case to court to achieve the most profitable result on your behalf.

During your initial case evaluation, our attorneys want to understand your unique story and the challenges you face.  We want to understand the soup-to-nuts of your business model, your industry, and your ultimate goals. Our flexible approach and versatile expertise allow us to craft a customized legal strategy to better meet your needs.  Being able to listen attentively and act strategically not only sets our firm apart from our competitors, it allows us to achieve great results on behalf of our clients!