Few areas of law involve more turmoil and heightened emotions than that of family and divorce law. Family law can involve parting from a once-beloved partner, straining already fragile relationships with children, or the fear of losing half of everything that has been earned during the marriage. The attorneys at Suzanne Green P.A. believe that when divorce, property division, child support, and custody disputes arise, the stress that they bring can be minimized by having an experienced and dedicated attorney by your side to protect your rights.

At Suzanne W. Green P.A., we are committed to providing professional and discrete legal services that are tailored to the unique needs of each client. Our attorneys take the time to listen carefully to your specific. situation, educate you about the law, explain the legal process, and keep you well informed throughout the duration of your case.


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The decision to end a marriage is challenging, to say the least.  To further complicate things, a divorce is not just the unwinding of a marriage, it is also the division of property and termination of other legal obligations.  The legal consequences of a divorce are numerous and far-reaching.

Divorce and Your Estate Plan

It is important to consider how a divorce will affect your estate planning documents. Do you have a will, trust, or power of attorney assigning your spouse as a beneficiary or fiduciary? A divorce frustrates many estate plans because the person who has been entrusted with these duties (i.e. the former spouse) may no longer be appropriate. 

A divorce can take months or sometimes years to finalize.  The changing of key individuals in your estate planning documents can and should be discussed even before a divorce is finalized.  Simply, updating your estate planning documents can go a long way toward protecting a divorcing spouse from potential disaster.  

We understand that making these kinds of decisions can be very difficult to face during the emotional process of divorce.  An experienced Florida estate planning attorney is your best chance at ensuring that your estate plan is up to date and complies with Florida law, and a divorce attorney can help you understand the various effects a Florida divorce might have on your comprehensive estate plan.  The experienced and dynamic attorneys at Suzanne W. Green Law are well versed in both Divorce and  Estate Planning Law and can walk you through how they interact with one another to safeguard your rights.

Divorce And Your Business

Many people going through a divorce own a business or have a spouse who owns a business.  The challenges involved in understanding, valuing, and dividing a business are perhaps the most complex issues that arise in a divorce.  Whether the business is a small single-person business, a large nationwide enterprise, or somewhere in between, using the proper strategies is crucial to ensuring a fair division of business assets between spouses.

Your attorney must be prepared to review copious financial records and consult with experts, including valuation specialists and forensic accountants if necessary.  A thorough understanding of business operations is an extremely important principle for both sides in a divorce dispute over a business. A skilled divorce attorney must also consider the cost/value of settlement compared to the cost of fighting all the way to the end. The attorneys at Suzanne Green Law have extensive experience in dividing businesses, defending the assets of business owners, as well as confronting unfair valuations of businesses. Attorney Suzanne W. Green can be of special help to spouses facing the division of a business.  She is not only the Board Charmain of the St. Augustine Airport Authority/Northeast Florida Regional Airport, she is the owner and operations manager of a successful law firm in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Experienced, Skilled, and Dynamic Ponte Vedra Divorce Attorneys

Whatever your reason for ending your marriage, the attorneys at Suzanne W. Green Law can walk you through all of your options clearly and thoroughly. As a Florida family law practice, our attorneys establish a close working relationship with our clients. We firmly believe that strong and effective representation is characterized by compassion and understanding.

If you find yourself facing divorce or other family law issues, please contact the attorneys at Suzanne W. Green Law at 904-280-8770 to schedule a consultation to discuss the best option for you and your family.

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