OUR PHILOSOPHY We are experienced Florida attorneys who believe that mediation and compromise is preferable to argument and litigation. Although we are very adept at litigation, our philosophy is to explore mediation before litigation to provide our clients with a least costly method of pursuing their legal rights. Suzanne Green PA
  • About Suzanne Green

    "We pride ourselves in  helping people to attend to their legal affairs and pursue justice to resolve issues and disputes that impact their lives, the lives of their family or wellbeing in their business or community."

  • Why Select Us?

    You have come to the right place if you are seeking a law firm with attorneys who care, listen to your concerns, perceive your needs and have the right experience to craft a proactive and practical resolution of your legal needs and problems.


    We understand that you have options for representation and that you want timely, measurable and cost efficient results from us.


    Specific areas where we can help you include:

    Protecting your family, property, legal rights and civil and legal responsibilities in Northeast Florida.

    Pursuing your rights and resolving strife that is threatening your family, relations work or community.

    Exploring and weighing outcomes and risks to make plans to address your situational needs and issues.

    Planing and safeguarding your assets to ensure family estate matters are duly executed as intended.

    Gaining peace of mind and or to avoiding conflict before the need for mediation and litigation.

  • More About Us

    We know it's important when choosing a lawyer that you select one that you will be comfortable with and who will work well with you to  understand your needs.  Not every attorney has a proven track record or the right experience to help guide you and explain the process and rules of law that affect your situation and case.


    Please check out our many peer and client references on this website and call us for an initial quick assessment of your current situation and needs.


    More specific things to look for in a lawyer:

    Lawyers should work with you to ensure they fully understand your needs, rights and situations.

    They should provide confidence and focus to deliver services timely and cost effectively.

    Not all lawyers are equal.  It is important that your lawyer be professional, personal and caring.

    That usually means working together on options and not just default to standard strategy and payment.

    Lawyers should look for simpler resolutions, such as mediation, before expensive litigation or arbitration.

    They should help you minimize costs in terms of money, emotional stress and family turmoil.

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